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At the 2003 WFDF Congress held in Santa Cruz, CA, USA, WFDF voted to adopt the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) Code. Based on the WADA code, WFDF has drafted its own rules, which will come into effect on 12th August 2004.

Whom do the rules apply to?

The WFDF rules only apply to athletes participating at WFDF events and athletes in WFDF's registered testing pool. WFDF events include World and Regional Championships and World Games. WFDF is yet to define its registered testing pool - it is likely to be the teams that are selected to participate at World Games 2005.
International athletes are required to sign a WFDF approval form to indicate that they accept the anti-doping rules under which they will compete.

What is a doping offence?

A doping offence is defined in the anti-doping rules as an non-therapeutic use of a prohibited substance or method. Most of the prohibited list is prescribed by WADA, and WFDF has taken the minimalist approach of only including mandatory substances and methods.
The WADA Prohibited List is reviewed on at least a yearly basis, and the WFDF list will be adjusted to match it.


In addition, the WFDF Anti-Doping Rules set forth procedures for testing and penalties for violation of the Rules. Please note that the Rules impose penalties for teams and Member Associations under certain circumstances. So, it is important that each Member Association inform its players and teams about these Rules and take appropriate steps to prevent violation of the Rules.
Penalties for athletes range up to lifetime exemption from all competitive sports. 

Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs)

In some cases players may be taking certain substances for medicinal or therapeutic reasons that are included in the Prohibited List. It is important that those players obtain a Therapeutic Use Exemption (“TUE”) prior to participating in any WFDF event or they will run the risk being disqualified and possibly banned from future competition.

TUE Process

In order to obtain a TUE, an athlete must visit a physician to verify that the prohibited substance or method is a necessary treatment and must complete the TUE application form. That form is then sent to a TUE Committee for approval. The athlete is later notified when approval has been granted and over what timeframe that approval applies.
TUEs should generally be applied for at least 21 days prior to competition.

Abbreviated TUE Process

In the case of Beta-2 agonists and Glucocorticosteroids, commonly used in asthma medication and skin creams, an abbreviated TUE application process may apply.
Abbreviated TUEs are automatically accepted once received by the TUEC.

Therapeutic Use Exemption Committee (TUEC)

A TUE Committee consists of at least three physicians with special knowledge of sports therapy. WFDF will have in place a permanent TUE Committee for approving TUEs. 
International-level athletes (ie those competing at a WFDF event) must obtain their TUE through the WFDF TUE Committee.
In future, TUEs obtained from National (ie government-run) Anti-Doping Organisations (NADOs) will be recognised by WFDF at the international level as well. Thus, athletes whose national flying disc association has a relationship with their NADO, usually by adopting an anti-doping policy, will be able to obtain TUEs through their NADO's TUEC.

Obligations for National Organisations


The WFDF Anti-Doping Rules require each Member Association to take certain steps. These include ensuring that each Member Association’s rules and regulations conform to the WFDF Anti-Doping Rules and that certain procedures be in place to implement the new Anti-Doping Rules. It is the responsibility of each Member Association and player to review the WFDF Anti-Doping Rules and comply with them.

Disciplinary Panels

Member Associations will also be responsible for hearing cases regarding individuals from their own country who test positive for a banned substance or who are otherwise believed to have violated the WFDF Anti-Doping Rules. If a Member Association is unable to create a hearing panel for anti-doping violations, any cases regarding individuals of that Member Association will be referred to a WFDF committee for hearing. 

Informing athletes

Member Associations should ensure that all of their teams and athletes competing in international events 
are familiar with the WFDF Anti-doping Policy 
apply for TUEs in a suitable timeframe 
sign the approval form 
After receiving the approval form from all players participating at the event, the Member Association may inform WFDF of this.

More Info

For any questions regarding the WFDF Anti-Doping Rules not covered in the frequently asked questions (FAQs) please contact antidoping@wfdf.org 

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